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For about two decades, we’ve ordered flowers online for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or even funerals. One of the earliest and most convenient places was 1800-Flowers—but things have evolved since then and, nowadays, there are more options than buying roses. Online plant buying has taken off to a new level at hyper speed thanks to eBay and various social media apps.

Long gone are the days when we ordered only bouquets of pretty roses or carnations or Get Well Soon planters. Now we can search online and find some of the best and rarest plant known; plants that were never really accessible until now.

Like most things you buy online, purchasing always comes under the clause of Buyers Beware. How do you make sure that the seller is legit? How do you make sure the plant you see online is the exact plant you will receive?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when online plant shopping.

  • Reviews. Use social media to research the seller. Are there reviews? Are there images of previous buyers commenting? Are the comments good? If you are still hesitant, reach out to one of the previous buyers and ask about their experience with packing, shipping, and receiving of the plant.
  • Sizing. One of the biggest problems is size deception. All of our hands are different sizes (primarily male vs female). The plant can come across as extremely large if held in small hands and vice versa. Look for images with a measuring tape, a coin, or a recognizable object like a soda can.
  • Images. Ask the seller if the image you see is the exact plant you will receive. Some sellers use stock photography as a sample image and not the exact replica of what you are purchasing. Screenshot the image. Keep it with your invoice. When the plant arrives, compare the image with the plant received.
  • Shipping. Some plants simply don’t ship well. However, for the most part, if packaged correctly, cacti and succulents will arrive in good condition. Think about the timing of shipment. Will it be extremely cold? Will you need a heatpack added to the shipment? Importantly, will the plant survive in a box without damage. Ask for a tracking number and how long it will take for delivery. If you need to have your plant shipment delayed, feel free to reach out and let them know.
  • Share the Love. Once you get the package, open it, check out your new plant adoption and let the seller know everything has arrived in tact (or not). Finally, take photos for social media and tag the seller with your review
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