Small Euphorbia Club (6 month)

$30.00 / month

End the year on the right foot! And continue on that right path with this new Euphorbia Club. Purchase this amazing plant club for yourself or a friend.

The Small Euphorbia Club is a 6-month, autopay, autodelivery of a variety of euphorbias, some of which we  have never before sold.

Please read all the information.


You will be automatically billed monthly. Cost is $30, with an additional $5.25 added for shipping.


Plants will start being shipped Week 1 of January 2022; and last plant will be shipped June 2022.

Please see photo of plants.

  • January. Euphorbia Flanaganii 4 inch pot with long branches.  Qty 1.
  • February. Euphorbia Pseudoglobosa-Obesa Hybrid. Multicluster. Qty 1. AND Euphorbia Obesa 2.5inch pot. Qty 1.
  • March. Euphorbia Submammillaris Multiprolifera. Qty 2. 3-inch pot.
  • April. Euphorbia Susannae. Qty 2. 4-inch pot.
  • May. Crested Euphorbia Echinus. Qty 1. 4-inch pot AND Crested Euphorbia Lactea Qty 1.
  • June. Euphorbia Polyacantha. Qty 2. 4-inch pot



Plants will be shipped directly to you approximately the first week of each month.


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